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Thank You Everyone For Another Great season.

Registration for 2020 Baseball and T-Ball Opens December, 2019.

Emphasizing Fun, Sportsmanship, and Skill Development

The St Croix Valley Athletic Association (SCVAA) is a non-profit, fee-based, volunteer organization dedicated to the provision of youth athletic programs. The emphasis of the program is to develop individual and team skills, enhance self-esteem, and to have fun in a supervised environment. Teams are generally made up of children attending the same school, however, due to roster limitations this is not always possible and not guaranteed.

  • T-Ball (Kindergarten Boys Only) Everyone plays every game. Only one night per week total. 
  • Recreational Baseball (Grades 1-3) Non-umpired and everyone plays every game.
  • Umpired Baseball (Grades 4-7) Teams play other VAA teams using one paid umpire.
  • High School Age Baseball (Grades 8- 9) & (Grades 10-12)
  • Teams play using modified or full High School rules.
         The 8th/9th. and 10th-12th. Grade Divisions will continue to combine with, and play against, teams from surrounding communities but will now be managed by the               SCVAA. The 8/9th Grade Division will be the VAA Juniors League and the 10th-12th Grade Division will be the VAA Seniors League. Further information is available             on the Juniors and Seniors Web Pages.  

2019 Baseball Levels

 Team rosters will be limited to twelve players assembled mostly by school. Boys and Girls are combined in all age groups. Although beyond the youngest, beginning levels, there are more boys then girls playing baseball. Game schedules and rosters will be distributed at the Baseball Coach's Equipment Pickup on ** New Date** April 20., 2019 **. Coaches will contact team members before practices begin the week of April  22Teams have one game and one practice per week. Games will begin the week of April 29th. (Subject to Weather).

2019 Season Registration Fees

Grade Fee $ Description Game Nights Season
1st. 100 Coach Pitch Tue. 4/29-7/14/2019
2nd. 100 Coach Pitch Tue. 4/29-7/14/2019
3rd 100 Machine Pitch Weds. 4/29-7/14/2019
4th./5th. 135 Player Pitch/Umpires (includes pants) Thur.-Fri. 4/29-7/21/2019
6th./7th. 135 Player Pitch/Umpires (includes pants) Mon.-Fri. 4/30-7/21/2019
8th./9th. -VAA Juniors League 160 Player Pitch (includes pants) Mon.-Fri 4/TBD-7/28/2019
10th. - 12th.-VAA Seniors League 160 Player Pitch (includes pants) Mon.-Fri. 4/TBD-7/28/2019

2019 Boys T-Ball

Team rosters will be limited to fourteen players assembled mostly by school. Game schedules and rosters will be distributed at the T-Ball Coach's Equipment Pickup on   April 22nd.  Coaches will contact team members before the season begins.  Teams will meet once a week for a half-hour shared-field practice followed by a 45 minute scrimmage, or other agreed upon time frames.


Fee Description Game Nights Season
Kindergarten $80 T-Ball Fri.  4/26/2019-7/14/2019

Half-hour T-ball practices are usually followed by 45 minute scrimmage on a Fri. evening.

For additional information send an e-mail to your grade-level coordinator listed on our commission page.
Forms will be posted on the registration page for mail-in registrations. 

WANTED: You - Do you want to be involved with the VAA Baseball Commission and make the baseball program even better? We add new members in the fall so let us know now. Call or email any current Commission Member listed on the Baseball Commission Page.You may also send an email to: