Baseball/T-Ball Registration Page

Registration for 2020 SCVAA K-12th. Grade Baseball and T-Ball is Now Open

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Warning: You must enter your athlete's current grade level only. Playing up a grade level is not allowed. Playing up a grade level or more without prior approval may result in removal from a team for the season and forfeiture of any and all registration fees.

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2020 Baseball and T-Ball Information

  • T-Ball (Kindergarten Boys)  Everyone plays every game. One night per week total. 
  • Recreational Baseball (Grades 1-3)  Non-umpired and everyone plays every game. Third grade will be machine pitch all season.
  • Umpired Baseball (Grades 4-7)  Teams play other VAA teams using one paid umpire.
  • High School Age Baseball (Grade 8/9-Juniors League) & (Grades 10-12-Seniors League)  Teams play using modified or full High School rules. 
         The 8th/9th. and 10th-12th. Grade Divisions will continue to combine with, and play against, teams from surrounding communities but will now be managed by the               VAA. The 8/9th Grade Division will be the VAA Juniors League and the 10th-12th Grade Division will be the VAA Seniors League. 


Fee Description Game Nights Game Season
1st. $100 Coach Pitch Tue. 5/4-7/12/2020
2nd. $100 Machine Pitch Tue. 5/4-7/12/2020
3rd. $100 Machine Pitch Wed. 5/4-7/19/2020
4th./5th. $135 Player Pitch (now includes pants) Thur.-Fri. 5/4-7/19/2020
6th./7th. $135 Player Pitch (now includes pants) Mon.-Fri. 5/4-7/19/2020
8th./9th.-VAA Juniors League $160 Player Pitch (includes pants) Mon-Fri. 4/TBD-7/26/2020

10th.-12th.-VAA Seniors League

$160 Player Pitch (includes pants) Mon-Fri. 4/TBD-7/26/2020

2020 Boys T-Ball


Fee Description Game Nights Season
Kindergarten $80 T-Ball Fri. 4/24-7/11/2020

Half-hour T-ball practices will be immediately followed by 45 minute scrimmages on Friday evenings.

The Registration Deadline is March 1st

What Grade?
When registering for spring-summer sports, please indicate the athlete's current school grade.
For example, if the athlete is in third grade when the season starts, he/she should be registered as a third grader.

Late Registration
Any registrations received after the registration deadline (March 1st) will be assessed a late fee of $20.
Late registration players will be placed on a space-available basis on teams with open rosters.
In the event all team rosters are full, you will receive a full refund.
No late registrations will be accepted after team selection.

A service fee of 25% or $20, whichever is less, will be assessed on all refunds.
No refunds will be authorized after the Coaches' Meetings.
Refund forms and process can be found on the Policies page.