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 COVID-19 Safety Protocols for 2020 VAA Senior League Baseball
Grade Level Coordinator will communicate policies to coaching staff, parents and players, and provide regular updates and reminders. Email for questions or to report any problems or a covid positive test.

 Parents must sign a Post-Covid waiver before players may start any events.

 Do not attend any event if having any illness, fever, cough…etc.

 Each coach is to oversee compliance at the team level during all events. This includes their team’s parents/spectators.

 Coaches or team coordinators are provided with sanitizing products and all shared equipment must be sanitized between each players use.

 Fielding team to use their own baseballs only (No sharing baseballs between teams)

 All players and coaches must sanitize their hands when first arriving to practices or games. Coaches have been provided with hand sanitizer.

 Communicate immediately with the local health department in the event of a confirmed COVID19 case within the team. Also inform the Baseball Commissioner of the confirmed case. A team or teams will be required to stop play for 14 days after any confirmed case.

 No Congregating Policy, non-participating family members should remain in their vehicles where possible to help maintain social distancing. If not possible then they must use 6’ social distancing between family units.

 No friends of players or family allowed on the playing field.

 No spitting or sunflower seeds allowed by anyone in attendance.

 Possibly no trash cans (take your own trash with you).

 Only one umpire per game and they will call the game from beside the pitcher. Umpires are to not handle any baseballs.

 No pets are allowed on any part of any complexes.

 Players to maintain 6’ social distancing as much as possible including the dugouts. Dugouts must be extended down the baselines with players staying behind the fence and maintaining 6’ social distancing.

 No handshaking or close proximity celebrating.

 Masks are highly recommended but not required at this time.

 Failure to follow the above rules will result in a team being removed from the league or possibly the season being cancelled. We need everyone to follow the rules or the season will be stopped.

2020 Juniors and Seniors League Rules

Umpire Coordinators

Mahtomedi: Barry Schalkle: 651-222-3399  or

Oakdale: Dan Kvitrud:

Roseville: Marc Fioravanti: or 612-961-1783

Stillwater: Steve McRunnel: 651-500-8266 or 

Woodbury: Taylor Voit-651-968-7179 or Jordan Voit-651-968-7178