2017-2018 SCVAA Basketball Registration

Registration for K-12th. Grade VAA Basketball is now closed. 

To inquire about any possible remaining roster spots in grades K-12th., please contact the correct grade level coordinator located on the Basketball Commission and Contacts Web Page or the current basketball commissioner at:  basketball@scvaa.org

2016-2017 VAA Registration Fees

K/1st. Grade - $70

2nd. Grade - $90

3rd.-6th. Grade - $145

7th.-8th. Grade - $175

Registration Deadlines:

K/1---Jan. 1st., 2018

2nd - 8th Grade---Oct. 18th., 2017

9th.-12th. Grade---Nov. 6th., 2017

 There will be a $20 late fee assessed to all 2nd.-12th.  grade registrations received after the deadlines.  Late registrants may also be placed on teams on a space-available basis. Late registrants will only be accepted if there is room on a team. Registration for K/1 will remain open until December TBD.

Online registration is the preferred method of enrolling athletes in SCVAA sports programs .  

As usual, we attempt to place students from the same school together wherever possible. This year we are limiting teams to a maximum of 12 players. This will make it more common to have teams comprised of students from multiple schools. We do take geographic locations into account when forming combined teams. On-time registrations will be given priority when assigning players to the team of their choice.

We strongly urge parents to be open minded about allowing their children to play with students from other schools. Many strong relationships have been created by these situations, if not immediately, often in later grades.


Please contact the SCVAA Basketball Commissioner via email, and we will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.