SCVAA Cheerleading Club Homepage

 Due to the uncertainty amid the covid-19 virus, there will be no Cheerleading program for Fall 2021. 

Cheerleading will return in 2022.

Stay Safe and Healthy! 

Contact cheerleading to inquire about any possible remaining roster spots in Cheerleading

Due to custom uniform ordering requirements, there is no late registration for Cheerleading

Please review and know all sizing information before you register your child. Uniforms are custom ordered and not returnable

SCVAA Cheerleading Information

 As cheer coaches, we will strive to instill tradition,honor, commitment and pride in our teams and in each other.  We will build a solid foundation based on trust and loyalty. We will work to be organized,consistent and supportive to make this an exemplary cheer program and a positive experience for all. The following will be the basic skills taught in the SCVAA Cheerleading Club.

  •  Basic Cheers
  • Dance and Cheer Routines
  • Cartwheels
  • Round Offs
  • Basic Jumps
  • Back Walkover
  • Front Walkover
  • Beginner Stunts

For more information on the SCVAA Cheerleading Club, contact the current Club Coordinators listed on the Cheerleading Club Contact Page.