2018 Cheerleading Club Registration

Registration for 2018 SCVAA Cheerleading is now open!

Please know all sizing information before you register your child. Uniforms are custom ordered and not returnable.

Register Online Here

2018 Cheerleading Mail-in Registration Form

On-line registration is the preferred method of signing up for VAA Programs and ensures the timing and confirmation of your registration.

Due to custom uniform ordering requirements, there is no late registration for the Cheerleading Club. All registration will end July 30th.

              Grade                               Fee                             Description                                                               Game Nights                                              Practice Nights                 Season

3rd-8th Grade


Cheerleading Club

Fall Saturdays - TBD

Mon. & Wed.


9th-12th Grade


SAHS  Cheerleading Club

All Varsity Football Home Games