Coaches Corner

Coaches BIO

Jay Junker was named the VAA Wrestling Coach starting the 2015-2016 season.  Jay has a strong track record of successful participation in Stillwater wrestling.  A 1976 Stillwater graduate and Wrestling Alumni, he posted a 24-4-2 record his senior year.  In 1987, he successfully restarted the Stillwater Jr. High program when it had been shut down for a number of years due to the lack of a coach.  He built up that program to as many as 32 wrestlers before moving to the High School in 1995 to become the first ninth grade coach. He continued as an assistant to the High School Varsity staff until after the 1999-2000 season when the demands of his career conflicted with his coaching availability.  Outside of wrestling, from 1993 - 1996, Jay architected the very successful True Sports Baseball league which eventually gained national attention with endorsements from FCA Baseball and former major league baseball player and hall of famer Paul Molitor. 


As the VAA coach, Jay is eager to bring new and fresh methods to our program, teaching basic skills to beginner wrestlers and ensuring that they and their families fall in love with the sport and feel a welcomed addition to the Stillwater Pony wrestling family.


Unique Challenges

  • One of the greatest challenges SCVAA Wrestling will face is having effective practices given the spread in ages of the wrestlers involved; pre-k to 6th grade.

o    Practices must take into account

                • Size differences
                • Attention Span differences
                • Maturity (social, emotional, physical) differences


  • SCVAA Wrestling Practice Principles

o    One (1) hour practices divided into instruction periods of 5 – 10 min.

o    More individual drills where “partnering” will be less of a need

o    Everyone in the wrestling room will be an active participant in the practice

                        • Increased hands-on adult to wrestler ratio so that every wrestler is able to participate in drills
                        • Reduced wrestling room noise / chaos.


Basic Moves


From the Neutral Position

  • Position Basics
  • Offense

o    Single leg takedown

o    Double leg takedown

o    Snap down and spin

o    Duck Under

  • Defense

o    Stay out of my space (Who’s the Boss)

o    Sprawl

o    Cross-face

o    Backing out from underneath

o    Defend against the head-and-arm


From the Top Position

  • Position Basics
  • Offense

o    Spiral Ride

o    Deep Waist – far ankle

o    Deep Waist – arm chop

  • Defense

o    The best defense is a good offense

o    Under the arms

o    Hip-to-hip

o    Constant pressure


From the Bottom Position

  • Position Basics
  • Offense

o    Stand-up

o    Front Sit-out & Spin

o    Switch

  • Defense

o    Head-up

o    Maintain Base – get back to base

o    Defend against the half nelson

o    Defend against the butcher

o    Getting off of your back and avoiding a pin


Pinning Combinations

  • Position Basics
  • Moves

o    Half Nelson – Far Wrist

o    Half Nelson – nearside leg – head in the ribs

o    Butcher

o    Cross-face Cradle

o    Viper