SCVAA Wrestling Information

This program is designed for K-8 graders and emphasizes fun, fitness, and the fundamentals of wrestling. While learning basic wrestling skills, students will participate in drills and games which will improve balance, coordination, strength, and agility. Most children enjoy wrestling, so why not let them learn the sport in a safe, structured environment?

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SCVAA Wrestling will have three different levels of training.

Beginners-Boys or Girls

Grades – Pre K to 1st. Grade

Fee – $85 – includes medalist t-shirt and VAA Night In-house tournament fee.

Practices: Boys - Tuesdays from 5:45 PM - 6:45 PM

Girls-Thursdays from 5:45 PM- 6:45 PM

Location - SAHS Wrestling Gym

Start Dates – Girls: Nov. 14th., 2019

                        Boys: Nov. 26th., 2019

End Date – March 5th. 2020

Level Description:  Beginner Level is for Pre-K through 1st. grade athletes with 0 to 1 year of experience, who have a lot of energy and like to play physical games in a fun, safe environment. Our goal is to provide an introduction to wrestling while creating an environment where kids can exercise their emerging athleticism through gymnastics, playful wrestling-type games.

Intermediate and Advanced-Boys and Girls

Grades – 1st. through 8th.

Fee –$145 - includes competition shirt and shorts

Practices-Intermediate: Tuesdays and Thursdays  from 6:00 PM– 7:00 PM

           Advanced: Tuesdays and Thursdays  from 7:00 PM– 8:30 PM

Location - SAHS Wrestling Gym

Start Date – Nov. 12th., 2019

End Date – March TBD, 2020

Level Description:  Intermediate and Advanced Levels are for Grades 1st. through 8th. with at least 1 year of experience and/or graduated from Level 1.  Wrestlers who participate must possess the ability to focus and follow coaching instructions, while having the emotional and physical maturity needed for longer, more physically challenging practices, and/or full competition

Note: 6th. Grade participation requires fulfillment of commitment to Stillwater Middle School program first.

Placement in levels will be determined during the first three practices and will be based on an evaluation process that takes into consideration the individual's athleticism,ability to focus, wrestling ability, and in some instances age, weight and the availability of safe-appropriate practice partners. Our goal of the first three practices is to place individuals in the level that is a best fit for maximizing the wrestling experience for all participants.


Changing the way wrestling is learned!

Family Involvement

  • Becoming part of the family is a distinctive of Wrestling Communities
                          • At the same time we are teaching the wrestler, SCVAA Wrestling will be teaching the family about the sport as well.
                          • Family will be invited and encouraged to join the fun
                                • During practices – there will be many opportunities for family members to help the wrestler learn their skills and moves
                                • At home – family members will be given skills to help the wrestler practice what they are being taught in the wrestling room
                                • During tournaments – family members will be invited and encouraged to join the wrestler at mat side where they can assist in coaching the wrestler and / or cheering them on.
                          • The Stillwater Wrestling Community – family members will be introduced to the Stillwater Wrestling Booster club officers and invited to social events where they can begin new relationships built on the shared unique dynamics experienced during the course of wrestling which no other sport offers

Who is a wrestler's Family?

                    • To be successful in wrestling, the wrestler needs the involvement and support of his/her entire family
                          • The wrestler's extended family is made up of his/her siblings, parents, and other adults who care about his/her wellbeing
                          • In Stillwater, the wrestler will also receive "family" involvement and support from the following;
                              • The Wrestling Coaches at all levels of Stillwater Wrestling
                              • Teammates and other wrestlers in the other levels of Stillwater Wrestling
                              • The parents of other wrestlers
                              • The Stillwater Wrestling Booster Club

SCVAA Wrestling is redefining the "basics"

                    • Traditionally, the "basics" of wrestling were loosely defined and heavily dependent on how the present coach learned to werstle.
                    • From the very first practice of the season, the majority of the time was focused on learning wrestling “moves” such as; the “Single leg takedown”, or the “Standup”, or the  “Cross-face cradle”.
                    • As the wrestler progressed in their ability to do these “moves”, which is often slowly using this method, additional “moves” were added to their tool box.
                    • For beginners, the word "basic" was associated with how to perform the fundamental elements of the "moves".
                    • What’s more, no time was usually given to help the wrestler or their family learn how a wrestling match is conducted or scored.  They were usually left on their own to learn over time, as they watched actual completion.  Unknowingly, without receiving some instruction in this area is one of the reasons why families leave wrestling before their wrestler has an opportunity to succeed in it.

Wrestling "Basics" for beginners - The Stillwater Way

                    • A misperception of beginners to the sport is that wrestling is just a matter of grabbing your opponent and throwing them down to the mat and pouncing on them.  Nothing could be farther from the truth and it doesn’t take long for beginners to become frustrated using this approach.
                    • There are three areas that a beginning wrestler needs to learn in order to have fun and success in the sport.
                          • Basic Skills
                                • Before we begin teaching wrestling “moves”, from the very start there are foundational “skills” that need to be learned and perfected throughout a wrestler’s career. 
                                • SCVAA Wrestling will focus on 6 basic skills; Position, Motion, Changing Levels, Penetration, Lift, and Finishing
                          • Basic Wrestling Moves
                                • In reference to “moves”, SCVAA Wrestling is redefining basics from “learning how to perform the fundamental elements of wrestling moves”,     to “a limited list of wrestling moves that, when learned, will enable the wrestler to have fun and succeed in the sport at all levels of competition.”     (See Appendix A for the list of basic moves)
                                • Scoring
                                • Strategy