2020 Baseball Commission and Contacts

The Baseball Commission meets monthly to coordinate the operations of the league.
To inquire about attending a meeting, please contact the baseball Commissioner at:  baseball@scvaa.org 

Responsibilities include: preparing budget, ordering equipment and supplies, arranging registration and team selection, assignment and coordination of volunteer coaches and referees, preparing the schedule of games and events, work with ISD 834 and SCVAP personnel to select and manage fields for SCVAA programs.

The current Baseball Commission consists of:

Name Email Position Phone Number
Pete DeCorsey baseball@scvaa.org  Commissioner
Jim Smith baseball@scvaa.org
Mike Bosmoe mbosmoe@gmail.com  Kindergarten T-Ball Coordinator
Luke Appert luke.appert@cushwakenm.com  1st. Grade Coordinator
Patrick Slaughter pslaughter@americanfastening.com  2nd. Grade Coordinator
Jeremy Smith scvaajeremy@gmail.com  3rd. Grade Coordinator  
Rick Tierney Rptiern@comcast.net 4th./5th. Grade Coordinator
Rick Hill    
rick.hill1996@gmail.com 6th./7th. Grade Coordinator  
Pete DeCorsey baseball@scvaa.org 8th./9th. Grade Coordinator
Jim Smith jim.smith657@gmail.com 10th.-12th. Grade Coordinator  
Steve & Kim McRunnel smcrunnel@yahoo.com Umpire Coordinator Umpire questions  651-500-8266 
Tim Schroeder vice.president@scvaa.org Past Commissioner