SCVAA Football Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of SCVAA Football

The mission of the SCVAA Football program is to make the sport as enjoyable for as many kids as we can.  We strive to teach fundamentals, and develop skills and abilities of all players so they can get the most out of playing the sport.  We balance fun with competition and stress the importance of integrity, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

How do I register my child to play football?

Football registration begins May 1 and goes through July 1 OR until rosters are full. We strongly recommend that you register on-line (see our website for registration links). Registrations received after July 1 are subject to a $50 late fee. Late registration is open until July 15 and players are placed on teams on a “space available basis” and must be approved by the football commissioner.

What level do I register my player?

When registration opens on May 1, you will register your player for the grade that they will be entering in the fall.  For example, if you register on May 1 and you have a current 5th grader, you will register them for 6th grade football for the fall.

Can girls play football?

YES!  SCVAA welcomes both boys and girls to participate in both tackle and flag football.  Both divisions of football are currently co-ed.

Can I request my player be on the same team as a friend or play for a specific coach?

Yes.  Requests can be made at the time of registration for playing with a friend or for a specific coach.  All requests are considered and the commission makes every attempt to accomodate but it is not guaranteed.  Please make any requests known in the comment box on the registration form.

                                                                                                             When will I learn what team will my player is on?

Team rosters are distributed right before equipment check out night to the head coach of each team.  Parents/Guardians will be contacted by their player's coach.  More information on team assignment can be found on the policies page.  

What teams do we play?

SCVAA Football plays against teams from other youth football organizations in the East Metro area.  SCVAA football is part of a league called Metro East Youth Football League (MEYFL).  More information about who we play can be found at

How long is the season?

The season runs from the first Monday of August until mid-October.  Usually ending just before MEA break.  Teams generally play 8 regular season games with 7th and 8th grade having the opportunity to play postseason matchup games the weekend after MEA break.  Equipment return is conducted following the completion of all football activities.

What training does the head coach receive?

SCVAA requires ALL head coaches be Trusted Coaches certified.  This certification is for training child safety, head injuries, first aid, and a background check.  In addition, football coaches have had the opportunity to become USA Football certified.  This training assists with coaches understanding Heads Up tackling, creating practice plans, and other general knowledge of the game.  Finally, all coaches have an opportunity to attend a coaching clinic conducted by Stillwater varsity coaches to assist with game plans and basic plays suited for each grade level.

I'd like to coach in some capacity.  How can I do that?

If you have an interest in being a head or assistant football coach in either tackle or flag football, please indicate your intention when you register your player on the registration form or reach out to the football commissioner.  Head coaching is not a guarantee and is subject to commissioner approval and/or available openings.  Assistant coaching is at the discretion of the head coach.

I'm a new coach!  Where can I find resources to help me prepare for the season?

You can find useful resources under the football tab and "Coaches Resources." Or you can click here.

I'm not interested in coaching.  Can I help in other ways?

YES!  SCVAA Football needs dozens of volunteers to help out in various ways throughout the season to make it successful.  You can start by checking out our Contacts and Commission page to learn about some openings or you can reach out to the commissioner directly to inquire about other opportunities to help make SCVAA Football great.

What is the Red Stripe Rule for tackle football?

SCVAA plays in the Metro East Youth Football League (MEYFL).  Their policy states that if a player that exceeds a certain weight for a particular grade must be identifed with a stripe on their helmet.  This player may only play offensive line or defensive line except for certain occasions outlined by grade level.  Currently, the Red Stripe limits for players are as follows:

4th Grade:  OVER 110 pounds

5th Grade:  OVER 125 pounds

6th Grade:  OVER 135 pounds

What football equipment do I need to provide for my child?

The VAA provides shoulder pads, helmet, a game jersey, and socks. You will need to provide padded football pants, athletic shoes (cleats preferred), practice jersey and a mouth guard.  Mouth guards must be attached to the facemask at all times at all levels.   Football mouth guards will be sold during equipment nights or are also available at Dick’s Sporting Goods or or other sports stores.  Many orthodontic and dental clinics offer custom fit mouth guards.  Any additional equipment for your player is your responsibility to provide.  If you purchase a visor for your player, ALL visors must be clear.  No tinting is allowed at any level.

Flag Football requires only a mouthguard and athletic shoes.  Cleats preferred but not mandatory.  SCVAA will provide each player with a jersey, flag belt and flags.

What size football will my child use during the season?

Football sizes can vary depending on the brand.  If you're looking to purchase your child a football similar to the one they will be using in season, we recommend Wilson, Under Armor, or Baden brands.  These are the brands we use in our program.

4th Grade-PeeWee

5th/6th Grade-Junior

7th/8th Grade-Youth

Flag Football has their own footballs specific to the sport

What is the Skill Position Rule?

SCVAA plays in the Metro East Youth Football League (MEYFL).  Their policies state that for 4th and 5th grade, players may only play a "Skill Position" for either the first half OR second half of the game.  A Skill Position is defined as any position on offense that is not a Center, Guard, or Tackle.  In addition to this, even if a player doesn't carry, throw, or catch a ball in their designated half of skill position, they do not get to play the other half at a skill position as well.

There is no skill position rule in Flag Football

When and where are football practices held?

Your child’s coach will contact you regarding practice times and locations. Practices usually begin the first full week of August. Before school begins, coaches can schedule up to 4 practices per week. Once school begins, football events (includes games and practices) are limited to no more than 4 per week in total.

Flag Football will have one practice per week.  Location, day, and time will be determined by the coach's availability.

When are football games played?

Most VAA games for tackle football will be played on Saturdays for 4th-6th Grade.  7th and 8th Grade plays mostly on Sundays.  Most teams will also play at least one night game mid-week during the season.  Most home games for tackle football will be played at Stillwater Middle School with a possiblity of playing at Pony Stadium or Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Fields.

Flag Football Games will be played at Lucy Winton Bell, JC Ballfields, or Stillwater High School.  Games will be held on Saturdays or a potential weeknight.

Why are games and practices held at Lucy Winton Bell?

SCVAA has a partnership with Belwin Conservancy and St Croix Soccer Club to use the facilites at Lucy Winton Bell.  There is an annual cost associated with this partnership to maintain the field and facilities.  All SCVAA sports have a percentage of those fees assigned to their budgets every year whether the fields are used or not.  Football chooses to use the fields as much as possible for practices and games to utilize that budgeted line item, therefor keeping registration fees reasonable.

How can I join the Ponies Touchdown Club?

The Ponies Touchdown Club is an organization dedicated to supporting and improving the sport of football in the St. Croix Valley. As a partner of SCVAA Youth Football, the Touchdown Club and its members help improve our sport, make it safer for the players and more enjoyable for the fans. To become a member please click on the link below and join today.

Click here to become a member of the Ponies Touchdown Club