Coaches Corner

Unique Challenges

  • One of the greatest challenges SCVAA Wrestling will face is having effective practices given the spread in ages of the wrestlers involved; pre-k to 6th grade.

o    Practices must take into account

                • Size differences
                • Attention Span differences
                • Maturity (social, emotional, physical) differences


  • SCVAA Wrestling Practice Principles

o    One (1) hour practices divided into instruction periods of 5 – 10 min.

o    More individual drills where “partnering” will be less of a need

o    Everyone in the wrestling room will be an active participant in the practice

                        • Increased hands-on adult to wrestler ratio so that every wrestler is able to participate in drills
                        • Reduced wrestling room noise / chaos.


Basic Moves


From the Neutral Position

  • Position Basics
  • Offense

o    Single leg takedown

o    Double leg takedown

o    Snap down and spin

o    Duck Under

  • Defense

o    Stay out of my space (Who’s the Boss)

o    Sprawl

o    Cross-face

o    Backing out from underneath

o    Defend against the head-and-arm


From the Top Position

  • Position Basics
  • Offense

o    Spiral Ride

o    Deep Waist – far ankle

o    Deep Waist – arm chop

  • Defense

o    The best defense is a good offense

o    Under the arms

o    Hip-to-hip

o    Constant pressure


From the Bottom Position

  • Position Basics
  • Offense

o    Stand-up

o    Front Sit-out & Spin

o    Switch

  • Defense

o    Head-up

o    Maintain Base – get back to base

o    Defend against the half nelson

o    Defend against the butcher

o    Getting off of your back and avoiding a pin


Pinning Combinations

  • Position Basics
  • Moves

o    Half Nelson – Far Wrist

o    Half Nelson – nearside leg – head in the ribs

o    Butcher

o    Cross-face Cradle

o    Viper