Policies and Standards Specific to SCVAA Football

The following policies and standards are intended to ensure that the SCVAA Football experience is equally enjoyable and beneficial for all participants. These policies are should be applied as consistently and completely as possible.  Unique or extrodinary circumstances will be addressed individually.

Please communicate to the SCVAA Football Commission any observed deviations from these policies and standards during the season.  We strive for and expect full compliance from all coaches, players, parents, and spectators.

These policies are to be applied by ALL teams and coaches participating in SCVAA Football-2024

SCVAA Youth Football Equipment Policy-2024

SCVAA Youth Football Coaching Policy-2024

Weather related policies:  Click here for SCVAA polices regarding Weather Policies

If the Commissioner and/or Vice Commissioner cancel activities due to weather, the decision is final.  

Helmet reconditioning information:  Please read this article about why we recondition helmets every other year and what goes into it.  
What Youth Football Parents Need to Know About Helmet Reconditioning

 Electronic device policy during games:  Coming soon

As defined in the SCVAA Youth Football Charter, the purpose of the football program is to provide the youth of the St. Croix Valley with an opportunity to participate in the program while learning the fundamentals of football and developing their principles of good sportsmanship and teamwork while having fun.

The following policies apply to the youth football league and are subject to the discretion of the SCVAA Youth Football Commission and the SCVAA Executive Board:

SCVAA Football will continue to accept late registrations until rosters are full.  Roster sizes vary by grade and team.  Please check with the Commissioner, Vice Commissioner, or specific Grade Coordinator to see if there is capacity on a team.  Player may be put on a wait list to get on a team if there are withdrawals or if there are enough players to create another team.  A $50 late fee will be assessed for any late registrations.  Any player that is put on a wait list prior to the registration deadline will not be assessed a late fee if they are able to register after the deadline.

The SCVAA Football Commissioner approves the coaches and assistant coaches.Coaches and assistant coaches will adhere to the policies set under the player participation and coaching policy pages.  The SCVAA reserves the right to limit the number teams per grade, number of players per team, and assign players and coaches to each team. The SCVAA has permission to verify the grade of the participant with School District #834. The SCVAA and I.S.D. #834 are not responsible for accidents or injuries.

Team selection is based mainly on school attending and general geography of a players home address.  Accomodations can be made for friend and coach requests but are not guaranteed.  Team selections are done by the grade coordinator and subject to approval of the commissioner and/or vice commissioner.

Regular season games will be played at various fields. Please see the “Locations” webpage to view locations and directions. Each team’s Head Coach will determine the location for practices in cooperation with the Football Board.


1. Players and coaches can be suspended for action’s detrimental to the participants and program. Players can also be suspended for parent(s) actions.
2.Individual commissions can act on all discipline issues and take whatever disciplinary action deemed necessary for the integrity of the program
3.It is recommended that the Executive Board be notified promptly in writing of any disciplinary action within an individual commission before any action is taken.
4.The Executive Board of the St. Croix Valley Athletic Association will review all disciplinary procedures/actions of an individual commission when notified in addition the individual commission will proceed with it’s disciplinary action.
5.All parties involved have the right to appeal the decision of the individual commission or Executive Board within 30 days upon receipt of a letter from the St. Croix Valley Athletic Association.
6.The appeal must be in writing and directed to the President of the St. Croix Valley Athletic Association or the Commissioner of the individual commission involved.

Any concerns regarding the interpretation of application of these policies should be directed to your teams Head Coach or to the SCVAA Football Commission via phone or e-mail.

The SCVAA reserves the right to interpret any policies as they see fit to ensure the safety and fun of the youth participating. Deviations from stated policies and or guidelines may occur at the discretion of the SCVAA Football Commission.