Baseball and Boys T-Ball Registration Page

All Registration for 2024 Baseball and Boys T-Ball has closed.

Please Note:  You must enter your athlete's current grade level only. Playing up a grade level is not allowed. Playing up a grade level or more without prior approval may result in removal from a team for the season and forfeiture of any and all registration fees.

Online registration is the preferred method of signing up for VAA Programs and ensures the timing and confirmation of your registration.

Registrations received after the registration deadline (March 10th.) will be assessed a late fee of $50.

Late Registration will remain open until all roster spots are filled, whichever occurs first. Once a level is full, that level will close.

Late registration players may be placed on a space-available basis on teams with openings on their rosters.

Player Helmet and Pants Required

Please note: All players will be now be required to supply their own batting helmet and baseball pants. A regular, one-size fits all child or adult size batting helmet is all that is needed and also please be sure to write your player's name on or inside the helmet. Either white or gray baseball pants can be used.

2024 Baseball and Boys T-Ball Information

Boys T-Ball (Kindergarten Boys)  Everyone plays every game. One night per week total. 

Recreational Baseball (Grades 1-3)  Non-umpired and everyone plays every game. Third grade will be machine pitch all season.

Umpired Baseball (Grades 4-7)  Teams play other VAA teams using one paid umpire.

High School Age Baseball (Grade 8/9-Juniors League) & (Grades 10-12-Seniors League)  Teams play using modified or full High School rules. 

The 8th/9th. and 10th-12th. Grade Divisions will continue to combine with, and play against, teams from surrounding communities but will now be managed by the VAA. The 8/9th Grade Division will be the VAA Juniors League and the 10th-12th Grade Division will be the VAA Seniors League. 


Fee Description Game Nights Games Begin (Subject to weather)
1st. $160 Coach Pitch Tue. 5/6/2024-6/28/2024
2nd. $160 Machine Pitch Tue. 5/6/2024-7/9/2024
3rd. $160 Machine Pitch Wed. 5/6/2024-7/20/2024
4th./5th. $185 Player Pitch Thur.-Fri. 5/6/2024-7/20/2024
6th./7th. $185 Player Pitch Mon.-Fri. 5/6/2024-7/28/2024
8th./9th.-VAA Juniors League $215 Player Pitch Mon-Fri. TBD -7/21/2024

10th.-12th.-VAA Seniors League

$215 Player Pitch  Mon-Fri. TBD - 7/21/2024

2024 Boys T-Ball


Fee Description Game Nights Season (Subject to weather)
Kindergarten $110 Boys T-Ball Fri. 5/3/2024- 6/28/2024

Half-hour T-ball practices will be immediately followed by 45 minute scrimmages on Friday evenings.

What Grade?

When registering for spring-summer sports, please indicate the athlete's current school grade.
For example, if the athlete is currently in 3rd grade, he/she should be registered as a third grader.

Late Registration
Any registrations received after the registration deadline (March 10th) will be assessed a late fee of $50.
Late registration players will be placed on a space-available basis on teams with open rosters.
No late registrations will be accepted after team selection is complete.

A service fee of 25% or $20, whichever is less, will be assessed on all refunds.
No refunds will be authorized after April 1st.
Refund forms and process can be found on the Policies page.