SCVAA Soccer Frequently Asked Questions


Grade Student is Starting in the Fall of 2020

Kindergarten &

1st Grade

2nd &

3rd Grade

4th &

5th Grade

6th, 7th., 8th. and 9th./10th.


Separate Boys & Girls,

if possible

Separate Boys & Girls,

if possible

Separate Boys & Girls,

if possible

Separate Boys & Girls, 

if possible


Thursday &


1x per week, 90 minutes

coaches choice of night

Game Days

Thursday &

Saturday (scrimages)

Monday (Girls)

Tuesday (Boys)

Saturday (Both)

Tuesday (Girls)

Thursday (Boys)

Saturday (Both)

Monday (Boys)

Tuesday (Girls)

Saturday (Both)

Ball Size 3 4 4 5
Roster Size 8-10 8-12 10-14 14-17
Officiated By Coaches Coaches 1 Referee  2 Referees

30 minute practice

30 minute game


40 minutes
(4 x 10 min)
48 minutes
(4 x 12 min)
60 minutes
(2 x 30 min)
6 v 6
(6 players,
no goalkeeper)
7 v 7 **
(6 players +
 1 goalkeeper)
9 v 9 **
(6 players +
 1 goalkeeper)
11 v 11
(10 players +
1 goalkeeper)


What does my child need to play soccer with the SCVAA?

Required Equipment: Shin Guards 

Required Equipment for goalies: goalie gloves (due to Covid-19, teams will not be allowed to share goalie gloves this year)

Recommended Equipment: Appropriate size soccer ball (see above for size by division, each coach will be provided 2 team balls), Cleats with plastic spikes, Tall socks

What does the SCVAA provide?

Equipment Provided by SCVAA: Team jersey, Coaches Equipment, Nets.  Socks will be provided to all 4-5 and up players.  2 pairs of goalie gloves per team will be provided to all 4-5 and up teams.

What's different this year due to Covid-19? 

There are obvioulsy risks to playing team sports at this time.  To try to mitigate those factors, the VAA is adopting a few new rules this year.  First and foremost, please know that the SCVAA will be following all CDC recommendations as well as any State, City, School, and Association guidelines as the Summer and Fall progress.  Which means this is our list 07/16/2020- but when/if recommendations change, you will see that reflected here.  Our current plan is to start on time with Soccer beginning in early August.  Below is the current list of what will look different from previous years, based on recommendations

  • Coaches are required to wear masks when in team huddles or when they are otherwise near the players. 
  • Spectators are required to maintain 6 feet of social distance between family groups. The fields are big- spread out!
  • We recommend that spectators wear masks
  • To reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 through the ball, there will be no throw-in's this year
  • Teams will not be permitted to share goalie gloves.  Any child wishing to play the position of goalie must bring their own gloves.
  • Players who wish to wear a mask while playing/practicing are allowed to do so- the VAA will allow parents to decide what is right for their family.  
  • No after game treats, snacks or drinks should be provided on a team level.  If you want to bring a treat/drink for your own child, you are welcome to do so.  We know the kids love getting a snack from someone else's adult, but the risk of spreading germs just isn't worth that granola bar.  

I'd like to coach, how do I sign up?

It's easy!  When you register your child for soccer, you will be given a chance to sign up to coach.  Indicate if you are interested in head or assitant coaching and we will do our best to get you assigned to a team.  If you missed it at registration, simply email your coordinator- found here- and we can get you added.  

Do you have any resources to help me coach?

Yes!  We put together a few resources that you might find helpful.  Find them on our Coaches Corner.  

What if I have financial barriers to playing SCVAA Soccer?   

Youth Advantage has a scholarship opportunity for kids who want to play SCVAA sports.  To learn more and access the scholarship application, go here.

Where is the field?

Field maps can be found on our Coaches Corner page. 

I'd like to request other children to be on my child's team?

If you will have more than one child in a division and would like those children to be on the same team, you can indicate that in the notes section when you register.  The VAA is unable to accommodate any other team/placement requests.    

Why can't you tell me before I register which days my child(ren) will practice? 

The VAA soccer program is run on the generosity of volunteers.  To try to make it as easy as possible on our volunteer coaches, the VAA schedules games days, but allows individual coaches to schedule their practice times to best accommodate their schedules.  You can find the list of game dates on our Schedule page.  

Can my child play both SCVAA soccer and Middle School soccer at the same time?

It is absolutely feasible.  We can't make any promises, but many kids have successfully done it in the past.  

How do we know if we play or not during bad weather?

Because the fields we play on are spread out throughout the valley, the VAA does not often make a call to cancel all games/practices.  If we did cancel all games/practices, we would send out a system-wide email to all parents and coaches who have provided us with a valid email address announcing the cancellation.  For the most part, we rely on our coaches to watch the weather on the field where they are playing and make the decision.  It is then up to each coach to notify their team via email and/or text regarding the cancellation.  

 How do I log into or access Team Snap?

The VAA needed to pay for access to Team Snap months before the soccer season started.  Due to the uncertainty of what, or if, there would even be a soccer season at that point, we made the tough decision to cancel access to Team Snap for the 2020 season.  Coaches will be given rosters with all parent/guardian contact information and will be able to contact parents by email/phone, depending on the information provided at registration.  

Something has changed and I need to cancel my registration.  Can I get a refund?

A 25% or $20, whichever is less, service fee will be assessed on all refunds. No refunds after July 31, 2020.  Refund forms and process can be found on the SCVAA Policies page. 

I missed the July 15 deadline to register, can I register late?

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we will not be accepting late registrations this year.