St Croix Valley Athletic Hall of Fame

Mission Statement
To honor Athletes, Coaches, Activities Directors, Trainers, Equipment Managers, and SHS Alumni (i.e. past achievers) who have made a major contribution to the sports culture within the boundaries of School District #834.

The St Croix Valley Athletic Hall of Fame was created to recognize and honor individuals and teams high school sports achievements and is sponsored by the St. Croix Valley Athletic Association. Nominations for the Hall of Fame can consist of former athletes, managers, teams, coaches, trainers, administrators, and supporters.

The St Croix Valley Athletic Hall of Fame selection committee reviews all nominations and determines if an individual or team is deserving of induction based on specific criteria. Individuals or teams meeting the selection criteria are enshrined each fall at the Hall of Fame Banquet.
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Completed applications should be mailed to:
Hall of Fame Executive Committee

P.O. Box 44
Stillwater, MN 55082
Coaches, Activities Directors, Trainers, Equipment Managers
SHS Alumni
Played Varsity sports for Stillwater High School (SHS) or Stillwater Area High School (SAHS) or lived in School District #834.
Graduated after 1956.

Not eligible until 10 years after their graduating class.

Minimum points: (TBD)
Before all metro and all state teams were established.
After all metro and all state teams were established.
Must have been part of SHS or SAHS Varsity program for a minimum of 5 years.
Eligible 2 years after service at SHS or SAHS in Varsity, Jr. Varsity, Soph. Programs.
Minimum points required TBD.
Graduated from SHS before 1956.


Inductees can be a combination of all divisions listed above.
General Requirements:
Maximum six (6) inductees to include the following groups:
Athletes (modern); Coaches/AD/Trainer/Equipment Managers. 
Maximum number doesn’t have to be inducted.
Maximum of four (4) inductees to be as follows:
SHS Alumni (i.e. past achievers).  Maximum number doesn’t have to be inducted.
Past Recipients



Jim Buege 2009 Boys' Golf Team
Allison Blomquist 2009 Girls' Golf Team
Luke Watson
Aaron Runk  
Adam Runk  
Carolyn (Frisk)  Capriglione 2007-2008 Boys' Baseball Team
William Palmer 2007-2008 Girls' Nordic Team
Kristine Scholz
Past Achievers:  
Bruce Bergan Howard Jiran
Joe Brochman Marion (Bemis) Johnson
Dan Corcoran Connie Knoche
Jack Delahunt Walt Kurth
Gerald (String) Groth Bob McGarry
Howard Harvieux 1920-1921 Girls' Basketball Team
Mark Campbell 2006-2007 Boys' Soccer Team
Stan Demoski 2006-2007 Girls' Hockey Team
Gregory Fouks 1966 Golf Team
Jeffrey Nelson  
Harry (Bud) Barnholdt Bob Roy
Daren Danielson 2005-2006 Boys' Football Team
Bill O’Brien, Sr. 2005-2006 Co-ed Adapted Soccer Team
Mike Quinlan 2005-2006 Girls' Swimming Team


Don Anderson Jim Podratz
Jim Lammers 2004-2005 Boys' Basketball Team
Heather Larkin 2004-2005 Girls' Gymnastics Team
Gary Marlow  
Lindsay Brown 1914 Basketball Team
Jerry Foley 1943 Football Team
Robert (Rob) McGarry 1960 Tennis Team
Frank Stewart 2003 Boys' Cross Country Team
  2003 Girls' Swimming and Diving Team
Marta Wilson Christmann Leonard (Len) McGuire
Chris Engler Kelli Ritzer-Thomas
John (Jack) Junker  


Dick Beberg Dick Olsen
Sarah Howard Wes Windmiller
Past Achievers:  
Dr. Wally Bunce Lawrence (Shoe) Junker
Waldron Douglas Bob Kolliner
Johnny Ertle Jim Olsen
Dick Farmer Earl (Babe) Orff
James Junker Rob Ries
John Junker George Wohlers, Jr.
Bill Barnett George Thole
Kevin Brochman Bev Vanstrum
Jody Eder-Zdechlik  
Stanley Hubbard Bob Nelson
Tom Juhl Dr. Andrea Saterbak
Neil Junker Gregg Thompson

Over the years, the story associated with individuals, groups, or teams who receive recognition may have faded.
If you are curious as to why an individual, team,or group was recognized please email the website administrator at, We will do our best to reply with the story associated with the listing.